The Zooky Story

Canada's #1 Real Estate Marketplace

The beginning of a journey we never thought probable but one we always knew could happen

The unique Zooky solution was conceived and developed and launched by its’ founders Kevin Pickering and Chaz Green. Two passionate technical entrepreneurs driven by the wish to use disruptive technology for good and as a social enabler for the world to enjoy. Their meeting was through a junction of joint realisation and passion to change the way we all consider, view and interact with each other.

Having individually established several successful technology businesses in Canada and Europe they met through a chance encounter resulting in a coming together of a symbiotic vision, view and shared beliefs. It was to be the start of a highly creative journey that has brought them to the point of delivering a game changing way in which we will use, adopt and benefit from local, global and international real estate conveyancing.

Building the foundation

The Zooky journey began in 2011, founded by Kevin Pickering and Chaz Green. Always looking to change and disrupt in a positive way, Kazooky Media Inc, focused on social games and social media marketing tools. This social focus resulted in commercial success and two social apps that were eventually sold.

Through the sale of his personal residence, Chaz took the time to fully understand the process of buying and selling a property. This meant a relentless and deep approach to knowledge transfer from all parties involved, from the real estate agent, the photographer, the home inspector and critically the buyers. Kevin then added his market solutions knowledge gained within the UK real estate market and the transition into digital real estate marketing was seamless.

It was the light bulb moment, the realization that real estate conveyancing was going digital. But with the understanding the actual key players in this space were not engaged and needed a complete digital platform to harness their natural skills and deliver an engaging digital offer. - Canada’s neighbourhood property search portal is released.

The Zooky neighbourhood search portal has been designed, and is fully market ready, as you will clearly see here –, and delivering thousands upon thousands of active Canadian property listings. We have taken time to understand the needs of the Candian market and ensure our platform is future proofed digitally as the markets  needs and expectations unfold. There are tens of thousands of real estate agents that list their properties on and engage with the platform. There are hundreds of thousands of home shoppers interested in property listings and draw these two elements to deliver a seamless and perfectly balanced engagement.

As real transactions have moved to digital conveyancing, the Zooky platform is full of easy to use tools to help real estate agents simply and dynamically manage their real estate business in the new digital real estate world. The Zooky platform has technical and future proofed agility and will constantly release new solutions and refine existing ones to support agents in a highly fluid environment.

Looking ahead.

Kazooky Media Inc will transition an harness its position to ensure we provide highly engaging and very relevant online  neighbourhood market place. We will strive, tirelessly, to develop socially responsible solutions and empower the Real Estate service providers with the digital tools to establish their position at the foundation of Canadian property conveyancing.

  • Real estate marketplace – engaging all real estate professionals
  • Fractional Property Investment platform, using Tokenized Real Estate technology
  • Social Mobility – housing stability solution
  • Frictionless Peer-2-Peer conveyancing
  • Property token exchange
  • Plus many more unique releases

These are a selected few solutions that will both empower real estate agents and reshape the global property market place with our positive disruptive approach digital technology.

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