7 Reasons Why Home Buyers Need Real Estate Agents

“90% of home buyers start their home buying journey on the Web.”

This statement is enough to make any real estate agent nervous. With all of the For Sale By Owner options like Property Guys, Redfin and services like Zillow and Trulia, it seems like a shift is inevitable.

But despite the digital shift in the way real estate is marketed, home buyers still want to deal with a live industry professional. Buying a home is a personal, emotional, high value and stressful journey. The stats don’t lie. Real Trends, a research firm, reports the average commission paid to the buying and selling brokers was 5.4 percent of the price of a home in 2011, up from 5 percent in 2008. Confirming that Online resources have yet to create a scenario where all of this access has come back to create value for the consumer.

This infographic is based on industry stats and shows that absolutely home buyers need and want to work with real estate agents. Home buyers want to work with a real estate agent. So seize that opportunity and be found with high exposure digital real estate marketing.

7 Reasons Why Home Buyers Need Real Estate Agents

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