Now EVEryone can own property

Positively impact community while buying property for as little as $100

Zooky Fractional Property Platform
Family. Community. Stability.
Zooky's community mission & fractional property platform

We are passionate about supporting families and community through socially responsible investing. And our technology makes it easy for everyone to own property.

Socially responsible property platform

The Zooky Property Platform uses NFT and blockchain to lower costs and property participation barriers

An affordable, smart, and socially responsible way for you to participate in real estate.

The Zooky Fractional Property Platform offers a comparable return to that of traditional property investments or a REIT, while removing barriers such as large initial investment amounts or limited liquidity.

Property Experts

Zooky property experts research and select quality properties that meet the Zooky ethos.

Zooky Property Tokens

Properties are broken into smaller, more affordable tokens that you can buy and sell.

Participate In Property

Start participating with as little as $100 and watch your property portfolio grow on the Zooky Fractional Property Platform.

Property Bonus

Earn regular bonuses deposited into your account based on how many property tokens you own.

Property Appreciation

Sell your Zooky Property Tokens when you choose to, based on current market values.

Socially Responsible Housing

The Zooky Property model enables property tokens to be bought and sold while maintaining stable rental opportunities.

Imagine supporting your community while earning strong returns on your money.

Easily participate in property ownership, receive quarterly property dividends and bonuses and an opportunity to sell in real time without traditional barriers. 

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Additional Information

Zooky is a technology company and a community property platform that uses secure NFT technology. We provide unique property ownership opportunities while using those funds for positive community impact.

Our technical platform enables us to divide properties into affordable property tokens. We sell those tokens to everyone, as an investment, that can be traded on the Zooky Property marketplace. This fractional model of property ownership lowers traditional barriers to entry,  enabling anyone to participate in real estate.

Socially responsible investing is an approach to choosing profitable property investments that also look out for community. Zooky Property enables responsible community friendly investing by allowing everyone to invest in real estate and maintaining affordable rental opportunities. 

The Zooky Property model has  3 important advantages versus a traditional REIT:

  • Social Investments – Zooky creates stable and long term rental opportunities by separating the property token value from home. 
  • Investment in a REIT starts at $5k, $10k and sometimes $50k or higher but Zooky has lowered that initial barrier to $100.
  • You can trade your Zooky Property Tokens at any time on the Zooky Property Marketplace. Our platform offers real time liquidity. Whereas a REIT locks up your funds indefinitely.

Most people will use Zooky as a vehicle to participate in property ownership while supporting their community. While some will use Zooky as a place to find a stable place to live. And some others will use Zooky to help fund community development projects.