About Zooky

The Zooky team are driven by a caring ethos, passion, and commitment to build better communities.

About Us

Zooky is a community focused organization that is using the positive effects of disruptive technologies to create new models of property ownership.

Our company is made up of lifelong community centric individuals whose aim is to create for people and communities. We believe in creating better housing opportunities for seniors, families and individuals, taking an active part in supporting this process. 

When we talk about communities we mean that everything we do is for the betterment of seniors, families and individuals. We provide the platform where everyone can participate in property ownership and create meaningful environments to live, learn, and earn.  

Our Zooky team is committed to working towards this ideal and will work tirelessly for this goal of being an ethically focused enterprise.


To create unique property ownership opportunities for investors that also provide positive community impact through affordable and stable rentals
Caring, passionate, and committed

Meet Our Team

Executive Advisory Board

As part of our development and community focused expansion we have created a first class team of advisors who will support, guide and work with the Kazooky management team. As leading technologists and commercialists they also all believe in our ethical and community focused goals and are on hand to offer assistance where needed. It will ensure we approach the complexities of agile growth and that the rapid expansion of our Fractional Property platform is delivered.

Imagine supporting your community while earning strong returns on your money.

Invest in community real estate and receive a strong return on your money while creating stable community housing opportunties.