How Zooky Works

How Zooky works

The Zooky Fractional Property Platform empowers people to own property while creating stable and affordable homes.

An easy to use platform so everyone can own property

Our Zooky Property Experts are constantly looking for good value properties that are in the perfect locations for people to live happy and stress free.

Once the property is acquired, it is added to our fractional property platform. This creates thousands of Zooky Property Tokens (ZPT), all valued at $100. Lowering the barriers for property ownership.  

Thousands of Zooky Property backers buy the available ZPT, enabling a new stable and affordable home for people and families.

An easy to use platform so everyone can own property

Zooky Property Tokens or ZPT, are our proprietary tokens that are backed by real property. When you buy a ZPT you are effectively owning a small piece of that property while also helping to provide a new stress-free home.

strong returns through social projects

Zooky Property backers receive a quarterly bonus from rental income and the overall success of the property. Backers can also use the Zooky Property Marketplace to sell their property tokens at any time. This real time market liquidity is unique to the Zooky Property Platform versus other real estate investment platforms.

Using disruptive technologies to remove frictions and lower barriers to entry.

Through the use of blockchain technology and the regulated NFT model, we are able to spread the ownership of property across everyone. While offering a marketplace that enables Zooky Property Token owners instant liquidity when required.