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Thank you for signing up to the Zooky Property Platform.

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to own property. Every person and their family should be able to live where they work, without the stress of ridiculously high housing charges or the instability of not knowing where they are going to live from month to month.

And it is only getting worse.

Between the long term financial implications of the pandemic and the ongoing divide of property owners versus non-property owners, this stress is at a breaking point.

We are on a mission to enable every person to own property. Every investment goes directly into our community fund, creating stable and affordable homes for people.

While we put the final touches on our disruptive platform we will keep you updated on our progress and when our first property will be available.

In the meantime you are entered into our draw for  1 of 100 Zooky Property Tokens ($100 value). Once our first property is available we will draw a winner for each of the 100 Zooky Property Tokens.

We can all make this happen.

Chaz Green, Co-Founder, Zooky 

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Every quarter you will receive a bonus based on the number of tokens you have in your portfolio. This number is derived from the success of each property you hold.